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20 March 2017

A stated goal of Artificial Intelligence is to "provide augmented intelligence that will surpass humans in accuracy and insight or strength and agility.[1] AI is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in multiple industries, with many focusing on the utility of machine learning techniques for complex information processing and analytics.

17 May 2016

Users are often the first to spot a new opportunity or a need within a business process but haven’t traditionally been able to influence processes themselves; they’ve had to wait for technical experts. Now Whitestein’s LSPS 3.1 puts users in the driver’s seat: it makes on-the-fly customization easy by capitalizing on the application scaffolding introduced in LSPS 3.0 to offer user-initiated process change.

5 May 2016

Looking to develop applications even faster? To take advantage of opportunities as they arise--or to dodge emerging threats--you’ve often got to change up your apps at the speed of business.

21 March 2016

While traditional BPM is about supporting an automated flow of actions and authorizations, goal-oriented BPM takes a big-picture view, starting with a focus on the overarching business goal itself rather than individual actions. This goal can be a one-off milestone or--more likely--a target level of service for ongoing processes, such as, “ensure onboarding process completes by 5 PM Monday through Friday,” or “ensure drone delivery timeframes are never exceeded by +/- 15 minutes,” or “keep average loan processing times below eight hours.”