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Whitestein Technologies

Whitestein is a global Swiss company offering advanced intelligent application software for multiple business sectors.

Our primary specialism is intelligent BPM technology and solutions.

About Whitestein

Whitestein creates intelligent software to optimize business operations. We innovate technology ahead of the curve, bringing fresh concepts such as 'goal oriented' software to our customers that has a deeply significant and sustainable impact on their business.

Our Offering

Whitestein's software products enable companies in many sectors to embrace responsive, continuous and proactive change in their business strategy, operations, and organization.

Our flagship product is the Living Systems Process Suite - LSPS; a model driven Rapid Application Development platform integrating the capabilities of intelligent Business Process Management with a adaptive/dynamic Case Management. LSPS enables the low-code, model-driven creation of applications, with solution frameworks ready for multiple business sectors.

Our Motivation
For the 15+ years of our existence we have consistently sought to transform the operations of our customers with technology that simply performs, leaving the business to do what it does best. For this reason, Whitestein's mantra is to create software that transcends the ordinary to deliver positive impact that is both significant and sustainable.

Our Customers
Whitestein is privileged to work with a broad variety of customers and partners ranging from Global 100 enterprises to start-ups, and academic organizations. We take time to understand the problems experienced by our customers in many areas of business relating to complexity, decentralization, expectation, individualization, and the speed of change. We also understand how to solve these problems using innovative software that works.

Our customers are oriented toward many business sectors, yet they share a common asset: a technology solution from Whitestein that transformed their business for the better.

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    05713-420 São Paulo, Brazil
    Phone +55 11-2614-0347

News and press releases

13 September 2016

Whitestein's new Blog is Live!

Whitestein is pleased to announce the launch of our blog, where senior team members publish their opinions on the fields of iBPM, ACM, and RPA, with insight into how Whitestein uses cognitive technologies to change the enterprise software experience.

1 March 2016

Congratulations to Expersoft Systems - 'Best Transactional Processing Solution'

Whitestein is pleased to congratulate Expersoft Systems for winning 'Best Transactional Processing Solution' at the 3rd Annual WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2016.

Expersoft is a leading global provider of Wealth and Asset Management software solutions. Its award winning PM1 platform is powered by Whitestein's LSPS BPM engine and is used by over 600 financial institutions around the world.

11 November 2015

LSPS Case Study: What the US Department of Veterans Affairs does for Veterans and their Families

In honor of Veteran's Day, both a free mini book, featuring the LSPS Case Study: What the US Department of Veterans Affairs does for Veterans and their families, as well as Passports to Success in BPM: Digital Editions at a 50% discount, are now available for digital download.

The BPM Case Study: What the US Department of Veterans Affairs does for Veterans and their families details the experience of transforming a highly political, overburdened and mostly manual governmental claims processing system into a highly efficient and effective system via the application of world-class solution architecture and information technologies products, including Whitestein's lauded LSPS. The book, Passports to Success in BPM, is a series of case studies that describe successful ROIs and competitive advantages gained through BPM. The writers also generously share solid advice on how to avoid the pitfalls they personally encountered– and overcame.

2 November 2015

LSPS 3.1 puts the user in the driving seat

Whitestein’s LSPS 3.1 is here. Capitalizing on the application scaffolding introduced in LSPS 3.0, this update offers user-initiated process change. When a new situation occurs, any process flow can be interrupted by the business user to perform an ad-hoc task, or sub-process. No coding, no technical knowledge required. Simply select the ad-hoc action and let the application adapt its behavior for you.

LSPS 3.1 features include:

  • End-User Steering

    Once an application is deployed, an authorized end-user can now introduce any ad-hoc change to a process flow or screen. Changes may be as simple as adding a field to a screen to record some new type of information, or more complex, such as adding an entire sub-process to perform a new approvals check. Now the user not only performs the process, they can have control in the process.

  • Instant UI Themes

    The Web management console now includes a Theme Sampler view that allows the look of LSPS applications to be extensively customized. Style changes can be made and immediately previewed within the Web browser, and a resulting theme can be immediately applied to the running Web application or downloaded for further use or extension with the SDK. Dynamically created themes are made available on an individual basis: application users can use their personal settings to apply any UI theme, whether built-in or dynamically added.

  • Instant UI Forms

    The new Scaffolding library can be added to LSPS applications to have generic, data-driven UI forms without modeling and that adapt themselves automatically to their data content. Scaffolding forms can be fully composed at runtime through parameter setting. Generic forms and specifically designed ones can be seamlessly combined in mixed pages for activities and documents.

  • End-to-End Debugging

    New debugging support allows users to set breakpoints, examine variables and evaluate expressions anywhere in the model: goals, plans, activities, UI forms can define breakpoints and allow stepwise model execution. Pure model and hybrid Java/GO-BPMN applications are debugged in the same way: graphical elements, GO-BPMN expressions and Java code are controlled and inspected with a unified debugging console.

  • Dynamic Ad-hoc Activities

    Now the trademark real-time adaptation brought by Process Goal Technology is extended to individual BPMN tasks and sub-processes. Just like goals and plans adapt their execution order to the contextual business moments, the new Inline Event Activities belong to a common-case process flow but can automatically run as out-of-flow, context-sensitive actions, as well as disable and restart themselves according to business constraints and rules.

  • Reflection on Activities

    BPMN tasks and subprocesses get their meta-objects like goals and plans. A new Execute library task allows the creation and execution of BPMN activities completely on the fly.

  • BPMN Escalation Events

    Support for BPMN 2.0 is expanded with escalation events: start, intermediate (both throw and catch). End escalation events are all included in LSPS process model elements.

  • Application Testing Framework

    LSPS 3.1 extends JUnit test cases support and adds a new Web UI testing framework directly integrated with Vaadin TestBench.

For a demo of LSPS 3.1, please contact us.

20 August 2015

Back to School with Whitestein's LSPS Academy

Whitestein's LSPS 3.0 release offers tremendous versatility. However, as not all LSPS users have the same needs or the same level of experience, Whitestein is offering LSPS users free access to our LSPS Online Academy, carefully designed for self-training.

With an easily accessible, self-service approach to learning LSPS, users can adjust learning plans to fit their needs. Courses are available for beginners and experts, with individual modules selectable to create your own plans according to preference.

Complementing the LSPS Academy, Whitestein continues to offer a broad spectrum of training and support options including instructor-led Classroom Training, the LSPS Online Forum, the LSPS Youtube Channel, and LSPS Webinars.

Contact us for more information today.

8 June 2015

LSPS 3.0 Released

Whitestein’s LSPS 3.0 is now available and packed with new features. “With the release of LSPS 3.0, Whitestein is taking its already powerful BPMS and making it more agile, more intelligent. We are very excited to be able to provide our customers with such a versatile tool” said Dominic Greenwood, Whitestein COO.

New features of LSPS 3.0 include:

  • New Cloud Edition

    The new LSPS Cloud Edition is now available for hosted deployments with a free 90-day evaluation.

  • User Interface

    An amazing new UI framework based on Vaadin, featuring a custom component designer as well as 100s of prebuilt UI Components, such as FormLayout, Tree, TreeTable, Calendar, MapDisplay, and GeoLocator. New dynamic theming capabilities allows companies to use a single theme based on their own business look and feel, or companies can opt for multiple themes that may be switched dynamically.

  • Discovery Accelerator

    Whether it is from a blank slate or existing documentation, the new Discovery Accelerator, powered by Trisotech technology, facilitates taking business processes and turning them into the workflows that form the BPMS solution.

  • Social BPM

    With 3.0, LSPS now allows user comments, Q&A threads, and forum groups to operate within LSPS applications.

  • Mobile BPM

    Several new features are now available for LSPS mobile BPM, including Dynamic UI support for screen size and orientation, access to location data on all devices, and access to onboard camera on all devices.

  • LSPS Academy - Whitestein’s Learning Management System (LMS)

    Helping to ensure that LSPS users have easy access to necessary knowledge, the new LSPS Academy provides modular learning for all levels, including individual status as you progress and a forum for questions.

  • Case Management Framework

    LSPS Financial Services Case Management Framework provides banking and asset management companies with transparency, agility, and simplicity.

For a comprehensive, free demo of the new LSPS 3.0, please contact us.


Tue, Feb 16th 2016

BPMNext 2016 - Defining the next generation of process innovation

The Canary, Santa Barbara, California
April 19-21, 2016

Whitestein’s COO, Dominic Greenwood, is looking forward to presenting at this highly regarded and unique insider showcase of next generation of BPM and related technologies. With a participant list of some of the biggest names in Business Process Management, BPMNext continues to be a great venue to discuss and demonstrate the products for tomorrow.

Dominic will be demonstrating the interplay of GO-BPMN (Goal Oriented BPMN) with agent capability. This innovative solution enables the dynamic re-routing of processes, which direct the movement of drones used in package delivery, as part of a human-facing ("knowledge worker") process, with real-time analytics and a geospatial interface.

Tue, Sep 29th 2015

FSOkx’s 6th Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum,

September 29, 2015
Yale Club
New York City, NY

Whitestein's Dominic Greenwood (COO) is looking forward to participating as a speaker at FSOkx’s 6th Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum, where renowned practitioners from leading banks, capital markets and insurance firms share best industry practices, strategies and insights on the most innovative approaches to successful BPM initiatives that can deliver effective business results.

Specifically, Dominic and other panel members will address the theme: 'Solving the GRC Challenge with Right Processes & Technologies'. Within the financial services industry, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance are of critical importance. The discussion will encompass questions surrounding the idea of leveraging innovative technologies to create robust business processes across the globe, in a manner that is compliant, efficient, and responsive to change.

Thu, Apr 30th 2015

BPM & Case Management Global Summit

22-25 June, 2015
Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City

The BPM & Case Management Global Summit is a must attend event, with 3 days of hands-on learning, expert guidance, and peer-to-peer networking. The theme of this year's highly regarded Global Summit is “Empowering Knowledge Workers”, with a combined focus on both actionable advice and illustrating “the art of the possible” for adapting business processes and work practices to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of knowledge work.

The unique format of the BPM & Case Management Global Summit will feature top executives from the federal government and commercial enterprises, as well as industry analysts and leading subject matter experts. The program will also feature selected cases studies highlighting best practices for leveraging social collaboration to create and adapt goal-oriented activities. It is a must attend event, with 3 days of hands-on learning, expert guidance, and peer-to-peer networking.

We look forward to seeing you at the Whitestein booth.


Sun, Jul 27th 2014


Ice hockey is an important cultural sport of Switzerland, with Whitestein's local club EVZ considered to be among the elite in the game. As a sponsor of EVZ, you will frequently find Whitestein colleagues and associates supporting the team at the nearby BOSSARD Arena.


Thu, Sep 15th 2016

Project Manager

We are seeking applications for a Project Management position in our Charleston, South Carolina office. Requiring 50% travel, this person will be responsible for managing the delivery of customer products related to LSPS. The position entails work spanning project leadership, business analysis, process application modeling, and customer support.

For more information, contact us by email.

Fri, May 8th 2015

Application Engineer

We are seeking an outstanding candidate for this core business position, responsible for the delivery of customer projects relating to Whitestein's Living Systems Process Suite iBPMS platform product, otherwise known as LSPS. Entailing work spanning project leadership, business analysis, process application modeling, and customer support, this role is at the heart of driving our growth in the BPM sector. The successful candidate will join a highly focused and energetic team that has achieved global recognition for the LSPS iBPMS, a product with unique capabilities that is actively advancing the state of the art.

Sun, Jul 27th 2014

Technical BPM Consultant

Whitestein is accepting applications for the position of Technical BPM Consultant. Responsibilities include the delivery of customer projects relating to Whitestein's Living Systems Process Suite iBPMS platform.

For more information, contact us by email.

Whitestein Technologies is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin or any other category protected by applicable law. Communications regarding employment opportunities will always come directly from Whitestein Technologies and not through third parties.

Due to the increase in fraudulent offers of employment (see FTC Consumer Information), Whitestein recommends contacting directly to verify the validity of any unusual or suspicious offer of employment.