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Focusing the intelligence of Whitestein’s iBPMS on the needs of insurance companies

Whitestein’s vertical solution for insurance claims adjustment (LS/ICA) is an innovative and complete process-oriented claims adjustment solution. Based on the experience of several large insurance customers who use LSPS, it contains all the flexibility of LSPS at its core, but is tailored to support the typical processes and issues that all insurers share. And while LS/ICA can always be customized, it’s an out-of-the-box solution for insurers that may be deployed quickly, flexibly, and with new levels of manageability.

Targeted LSPS delivers value for insurance companies

The LS/ICA solution increases efficiency by allowing you to link operations to strategic business goals with intelligent, goal-oriented BPM. You can facilitate case management by optimizing business processes, promoting collaboration beyond organizational boundaries, and adapting to changes in real time.  

The all too common need to handle exceptions in the insurance claims business often creates delays, customer dissatisfaction, and additional costs. LS/ICA eliminates this problem by capturing and automating all the complexity of your business processes--including exceptions. You can also use LS/ICA to modify processes to reflect your company's changing character, goals, and objectives while supporting efficiency in day-to-day activities.

For better management, demand better monitoring
You can’t manage your business effectively unless you get the information you need, when you need it. With LS/ICA you can always check the details of how a single claim was handled or view the real-time status of active claims—whether you’re in the office or on the road. Its comprehensive monitoring and analytics provide insight into every aspect of your business, from the big-picture view down to the smallest detail.

Manage tasks more efficiently
The LS/ICA solution helps your users complete tasks more efficiently, saving time and money. It validates data upon entry to ensure all required information or actions are complete before progressing to the next steps. It notifies users every time they need to perform some activity, and shows the tasks in their personal to-do lists, regardless of the exception route. LSPS automatically distributes tasks to each person according to the order in which the tasks should be performed, and delegates or escalates tasks that are taking too long.

Get the best of both worlds with this standards-based but customizable solution
To speed and ease implementation, this LSPS solution integrates and communicates readily with any third-party software already in use. Because it’s based on LSPS, which provides next-generation BPM on a fully standard JEE infrastructure, it supports all the most popular application servers, database management systems, and computing platforms.

While LS/ICA provides a generic insurance-industry model to help you get off to a rapid start, you can easily customize and extend this model to include exactly the information you need. Structure the data to suit your business. Customize alerts, including choosing the alert mechanism that suits your business and your users best. This solution delivers all the flexibility of Whitestein’s LSPS, but customized for your industry, so you can start benefiting from its efficiencies in record time.