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Boost the productivity of Customer Service Reps—and increase customer satisfaction with Whitestein’s Intelligent Case Management

Customer experience is an essential source of competitive differentiation, yet rarely are Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) able to focus on providing truly high quality work, instead their time and efforts are wasted with outmoded IT systems.  Lack of integration, process consistency, and crucially, intelligence that helps rather than hinders, are all missing from the vast majority of software in use by CSRs today.

Perhaps your company has already considered implementing a BPMS to resolve these issues. The best BPM systems automate routine tasks for your CSRs, so that they can focus their attention and provide the “human touch” to complex situations and exceptions. A good BPMS can also support consistent and high-quality service, helping CSRs follow a seamless process flow that reflects your best practices. It can also eliminate typical problems that disrupt service—such as data rekeying--and automate processes to boost productivity and the cost effectiveness of your customer service and support operations.

But while automation and efficiency are hugely important, they are only part of the picture. The next step is to introduce intelligent decision support by implementing an intelligent BPMS (iBPMS). With Whitestein’s iBPMS – LSPS – intelligent process workflow is combined with flexible adaptive case management so that every CSR process can adapt in real-time to particular customer case needs.  Additionally, changes in company policy can be introduced and accommodated in mid-process, even accounting for variances across different locations and company departments.

Whitestein’s iBPMS – LSPS -  doesn’t just automate your processes--it automates them in a manner that actively promotes your business’s specific goals, using intelligent agents to modify process paths within predefined boundaries to ensure optimized results. This means that more complex problems such as deciding which actions to take when faced with contradictory guidance can now be automated by allowing the system agent to reason internally about how best to achieve business goals. In practice, the results are phenomenal in terms of issue resolution speed and quality, with resulting increases in customer satisfaction.  

With LSPS, your company achieves:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Consistent and more efficient implementation of business policies
  • Increased employee morale
  • Faster problem resolution by CSR
  • Intelligent, context-sensitive adaptation to each issue

The benefits of LSPS extend far beyond customer service to other high-volume, low-complexity tasks, which can now run virtually unattended. Sure, with a good BPMS, you can free staff to focus on exceptions to the rules. But with an iBPMS, you’ll also have the confidence of knowing that even without the “human touch,” there’s intelligence at work, helping to ensure that every task is executed in a way that supports the goals of your business.