Intelligent BPMS

As process automation spreads across the enterprise and supply chain we encounter more processes with flows that must adapt properly to the business situation and context in which they are being performed.

A modern BPMS must therefore do more than simply automate BPMN. It must be able to intelligently assist process participants in determining the best course of action for a given context. This requires powerful real-time analytics and a process engine capable of providing intelligent decision support.

Goals at Center Stage

To achieve process intelligence, the Living Systems Process Suite (LSPS) combines the concept of business Goals with the Knowledge that describes a business environment and the Events occurring in real-time within that environment.

This relationship is placed at center-stage throughout the entire process lifecycle: modeling, automation, analytics, and continuous optimization.

Every business has goals. They are the focal drivers for every strategy, operation, and resource use and are steady guides in times of high market and business dynamics.

LSPS is the only intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) that effectively captures and actively follows business goals with Goal-Oriented BPM. Leveraging smart, self-adaptive software technology, it delivers end-to-end agility to structured and unstructured processes.

Selected Product Features

  • Set goals for activities, documents, or teams
  • Model the tactical plans for goal achievement on the fly
  • Drag and drop modeling
  • Tiered modeling environment enabling collaboration between Business and IT
  • Active analytics providing continuous and event driven data and analyses
  • On demand analytics providing data upon request
  • Model evolution - real-time changes to running processes
  • Simulation environment using live data to project results based on changes to the existing model
  • User friendly interactive web dashboard